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140318 Cubs

The cubs were treated to a presentation by some members of our four District Explorer Units tonight.  Three of the members have been chosen to attend the Jamboree as the Crawley District contingent in Japan in 2015.  A fourth had been a part of the 2011 contingent to Sweden (who is also going to Japan as part of the Service Crew) and another just came for the ride! 


The Explorers organised a fun quiz on Japan for the cubs, played “Traffic Lights” (also known as Stop/ Go and Red, Amber, Green) but with a Japanese flavour ………  All the commands were in Japanese!


Sono Mama Stop action; command to freeze
Rei Bow
Mate Stop (wait)
Hajime Begin


The cubs were told that when Japanese people go out for a picnic they often don’t take cups to drink out of.  Instead they fold a piece of paper into a cup shape.  The cubs thoroughly enjoyed learning a little about the art of paper folding (Origami) and having a go themselves.  The leaders then, to the delight of the cubs, tested whether the “cups” were up to scratch by pouring (very) cold water into the cups whilst the cubs held them above their heads! – I regret to report that every cup performed very well – No cubs got wet – What a shame!!


Our thanks to Abi, Matt, Mya, Barney and Jess for a great evening. 


Below are just a few of the photographs taken in the course of the evening……………….

P1190867 P1190868 P1190869 P1190870 P1190871 P1190872 P1190873 P1190874 P1190875 P1190876 P1190877 P1190878 P1190880 P1190881 P1190882 P1190883 P1190884 P1190885 P1190886 P1190888


1920 Olympia, Kensington, London  
1924 Ermelunden, Denmark  
1929 Birkenhead, Liverpool  
1933 Gödöllő, Hungary  
1937 Vogelenzang, Netherlands  
1947 Moisson, France  
1951 Bad Ischl, Austria  
1955 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada   
1957 Sutton Park, UK  
1959 Los Baños, Laguana, Phillippines  
1963 Marathon, Greece  
1967 Farragut State Park, ID, USA  
1971 Fujinomiya, Japan  
1975 Lillehammer, Norway  
1979 Nishapur, Iran – Cancelled   
1983 Calgary, Canada  
1987 Sydney, Australia  
1991 Soraksan, S. Korea  
1995 Dronten, Netherlands  
1998 Picarquín, Chile  
2002 Sattahip, Thailand  
2007 Hylands Park, UK  
2011 Rinkaby, Sweden  
2015 Kirarahama, Japan