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160719 Cubs

After an amazing weekend at camp our very tired Cubs met for the last time this term, not at our HQ, but at the brilliant Waterlea Adventure Playground which is adjacent to where our Scout Group is based.


It was obvious at the end of the evening, looking at the faces of the Cubs, that they all had had a fantastic time!


My thanks to the staff at Waterlea for opening up the play area for the sole use of the Pack.  Their time and commitment is very much appreciated.


As tonight was our last meeting before the Summer break we say “goodbye” to Owen, Oliver, Maisie & Lawrence who are moving up into the Scout Troop and James and Isobel who are leaving to concentrate on other activities. We wish them well for the future and my sincere thanks to them for the valued contribution each has made to the Pack.


May I take this opportunity of thanking my team for another amazing term (especially the camp last weekend!), the Group Executive for ensuring that the Group thrives, the parents and, above all, the young people themselves; they, afterall, are the whole reason that 7th Crawley Scout Group exists, and long may this continue – See you all in September!

Paul Masters. 19th July 2016

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