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Mark Lavender

Mark Lavender – Chairman

Mark Lavender – Chairman:


I first got involved with the Group when I inadvertently raised my arm to swot a fly at the very point that Paul (Masters) was seeking a Beaver Parent Representative for the Group Exec a few years back !  I’ve stayed involved as my son has progressed through Beavers into Cubs and now Scouts and I was invited to be Group Chairman in 2008 (albeit that the afore-mentioned Paul Masters did have me in a head-lock at the time !).  
Seriously though, I’m immensely proud to be involved with the ‘7th’ – we’ve got a great team of dedicated leaders, well-behaved &  respectful children, supportive parents & an enthusiastic Group Exec.


Put these four key factors together & you’ve got a winning combination which, I truly believe, shines through in everything about the ‘7th’. 

Like so many other parents and guardians, I’ve seen my son develop & grow in confidence over the years and the ‘7th’ has played a big part in that and that is certainly one of the main reasons why I’m delighted to try to put ‘something back’ into the Group.   
In truth, I did not have an involvement in Scouting as a child and, perhaps, this is another reason why I enjoy being involved now – an element of my childhood that, perhaps sub-consciously, I feel that I missed out on?!


Whatever the reasons, I do know that I look forward to helping out at the Annual Cub Camp at Stanfords every bit as much as the children look forward to attending it!  Something also about trying to 
avoid the reality of the passing years I guess!