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130625 Cubs

Tonight (Tuesday, 25th June 2013) we visited Buchan Park and had a great evening having a go at Orienteering.  Amazingly, no one got lost!



We divided each six into two so that there were a total of 10 teams each with an adult or young leader shadowing.  Thank you to everyone who helped on the night – it was really appreciated.



Final (combined) scores for each of the teams:

1st – Yellow Six (343)

2nd – Red Six (272)

3rd – Blue Six (196)

4th – Green Six (132)

5th – White Six (71)


Well done to everyone who took part.


P1160472 P1160473 P1160474 P1160475 P1160476 P1160477 P1160478 P1160481 P1160482 P1160483 P1160484 P1160485 P1160486 P1160487 P1160491 P1160492 P1160493 P1160497 P1160498 P1160502 P1160503 P1160504 P1160505 P1160507 P1160508 P1160515 P1160523 P1160524 P1160516 P1160509 P1160510 P1160517 P1160525 P1160526 P1160519 P1160511 P1160512 P1160520 P1160527 P2160479 P1160521 P1160513 P1160514 P1160522 P2160480 P2160488 P2160494 P2160499 P2160500 P2160506 P2160496