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171003 Cubs

The Cubs worked towards the Astronomers Activity Badge tonight by observing the Moon, learning how to view the sun safely and talking about the vastness of our Solar System.  Our sincere thanks to Trevor Baker, our “resident” (and almost tame) star expert, for giving up his evening and giving the Cubs an opportunity to view the night sky in amazing detail.


Just a reminder if your cub has still to bring in their worksheets for this badge (Please see my email of 20th September for details).  Thank you.


Congratulations to Bhagheera who I had the pleasure of presenting with her 5 year leadership award.  Thank you for all your hard work and support.  Long may it continue!


Further congratulations to the following who were invested into the Pack tonight.  Welcome!

  • Caitlin
  • Chloe
  • Daniel 


A good number of points were awarded tonight including for good sportsmanship, inspection (which we will be undertaking most weeks hereafter), for bringing in bottle tops, stamps etc and the completion of homework.


The points totals to-date are as follows:

Blue Six: 635

Green Six: 375

Orange Six: 370

Red Six: 535

White Six: 420

Yellow Six: 455

Paul Masters.  3rd October 2017


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