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Lyme’s Disease

Dear all



Following on from a confirmed diagnosis of Lyme’s disease contracted by a grand parent of one of our cubs at camp last month, I felt it was important to share with you some information about this without wishing to unnecessarily alarm you but inviting you to be vigilant as to any insect bites and to treat them with caution.  The grand parent has received proper medical attention and a course of antibiotics and is, I am pleased to report, well.


Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection and can have some nasty long term symptoms. 


Whilst not common, it is surprisingly widespread, and can be caught in virtually any outdoor space including your own garden. The carrier of the disease is often a tick, although other blood sucking insect can be responsible, and these animals are found in deep vegetation where they can feed on small animals and birds, and sometimes humans!


I have attached a helpful leaflet that gives more information about the disease. It shows the type of reddening and rash left if bitten.  The leaflet can also be viewed at


The key pieces of advice are:

  • Cover arms and legs when walking in woodland and similar places, wear a hat.
  • Check yourself and children carefully.
  • Brush off clothing before going inside.
  • Insect repellents containing DEET of Picaridine will help keep ticks and insects away.
  • If you find a tick attached remove it quickly and in the proper way (see leaflet)
  • Finally if you suspect someone has been bitten it is highly recommended that the advice of a doctor is sought.


As this is a consequence of a Scouting activity (whether a young person or adult) I have informed the District Commissioner AND contacted HQ because, like any other first aid situation where professional advice has been sought, the proper guidelines MUST be followed.


I hope, despite the foregoing, that you will all enjoy getting out and about during our Summer




Paul Masters

Group Scout Leader – 7th Crawley (Furnace Green) Scout Group



Copy of Email sent 6th August 2013 to all membership