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140610 Cubs

Our Cub Pack have been working towards both the Community Challenge Award and the Emergency Aid Activity Badge (Stages 1 & 2)for the last few weeks. 


Over this period we have learnt:

  • what to do in an emergency,
  • how to make an emergency call,
  • understand how to recognise dangers in the home,
  • how to deal with cuts, grazes, bruises, major and minor bleeding


Tonight we had a visit from members of the South East Coast Ambulance Service.  Dave, Clare and Jade showed us how to open and unblock an airway and how to put someone into the recovery position and then we all had a go ourselves.  It was a great evening. 


Akela has arranged for these badges to be presented to us at the 7th Crawley Scout Group social and AGM on Friday, 20th June by our local councillors Duncan Crowe and Carol Eade and our MP, Henry Smith.

PCM 12th June 2014


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