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180710 Cubs

Tonight the Pack had a practice at putting up various styles of tents from the large ridge type to a smaller two man shelter.  This is part of the requirements of the Outdoor Challenge badge and, by doing this before camp means that we aren’t still trying to set the camp up on the Sunday afternoon!

My thanks, as always, to the host of helpers who turned up to lend a hand.

Paul Masters.  11th July 2018

P1300171 P1300172 P1300173 P1300174 P1300175 P1300178 P1300179 P1300180 P1300181 P1300186 P1300187 P1300188 P1300189 P1300194 P1300195 P1300197 P1300198 P1300199 P1300200 P1300201 P1300202 P1300203 P1300204 P1300205 P1300206 P1300210 P1300211 P1300212 P1300213 P1300214 P1300215