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10-12/7/15 Cubs

Cub Camp – A brilliant weekend, enjoyed by 36 cubs from our Pack.  My sincere thanks to everyone who made the camp such a success.


Below are just a very small selection of the (literally) thousands of photographs that were taken during the camp.  A DVD of these photographs (and some video footage) has been made and will be shown to the cubs, parents, friends and supporters of the Pack on Tuesday, 22nd September.

Paul Masters 15.07.15

Revised/ Edited 25.08.15 by Paul Masters


P1230743 P1230773 P1230778 P1230780 P1230801 P1230802 P1230803 P1230804 P1230805 P1230899 P1230913 P1230925 P1230955 P1230980 P1240011 P1240148 P1240165 P1240184 P1240185 P1240186 P1240187 P1240188 P1240204 P1240206 P1240211 P1240270 P1240305