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Adults in Scouting

Do you know the benefits of helping?


Fun For All!

Here at 7th Crawley we like to encourage fun for all ages. The members of the leadership team would not participate if they didn’t get a lot from it. The rewards of being an Adult in Scouting are:

  • Taking part in all the fun activities such as camping, rafting, skiing, hiking, archery, air rifle shooting and many more.
  • The satisfaction of helping the youngsters grow and develop.

Did you know that Scouting is a leading edge trainer of people? The aim of Scouting is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. Scouting achieves this by 1 to 1, small group and large group training that is fun and enjoyable. Many employers when seeing Scouting on a CV will know the depth of character such a person is likely to have developed.


Scouting provides free training and allows an adult to develop and learn new skills that may then allow them to progress in a new career or improve their existing one.


Scouting is a great social activity. Most leaders really enjoy that quiet time at the end of the day when they can relax around a campfire or recall how they pulled off another day/night of great activities. Sometimes leaders even put on camps that they forget to invite children to. These they pretend are training camps but most people know it is just for a bit of stress free fun.


I could never do that!

One of the main reasons people don’t get involved in Scouting is because they think things like “How could I run a Cub night?”, “I can’t tie knots myself so how could I possibly help teach others?”


The answer to this is that most adults in Scouting started this way. Most of the professional looking leaders in your local group have only got to this point by learning as they go along and having fun with the youngsters as they make mistakes.


I don’t have the time

Not having the time is not a barrier to having fun in Scouting. Some helpers are only able to help out at camps. Some are only able to do a group night once in every three weeks. These things do not matter. The important thing is to have adults around that are keen to make Scouting exciting and fun for the youngsters and themselves.


I am interested but …

If you have any interest in Scouting why not get in touch and have a chat? We are a very friendly group with a great team of adults. You are always welcome to come down and visit us on a group night.


Perhaps you don’t feel you want a role that mixes with the youngsters directly. This is not a problem either. Every group has an Executive committee which needs people willing to help with administration and fund raising etc.


Here at 7th Crawley we are constantly on the lookout for new people to strengthen the great team we have. The more adult support we have the more activities we can run without overloading individual leaders.


The more activities we can put on:

  • the more young people we can help show there is life beyond the TV and game station.
  • the more young people we can help build their confidence to tackle new challenges
  • the more people we as adults in Scouting can share good times and challenges with ourselves


Paul Masters, our Group Scout Leader, looks forward to hearing from you: