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180130 Cubs

Another well prepared night hike organised by Sherekhan (David) & Rahn (Tom) with my grateful thanks.  My thanks also to my team for running the evening in my forced absence: I hope that “normal” service, from my point of view, will resume very soon!


Grateful thanks to all the parents (a grandparent and a former cub as well!) who helped tonight: Richard, Sarah, Chris, Mike, Mark, Alison, Con, Lindsay, Adam & Dylan. As explained last night, we couldn’t run activities like the night hike without your support.  It was really encouraging to have you all join us.


The Cubs were advised that I expected 100% good behaviour from each of them and, from the reports I got back, this is what they gave – Thank you!  


The cubs were also informed that if they lost any of the parent helpers along the way that their “six” would lose 50 points.  I am pleased to report that no adults went “öff-piste” and all came back to the HQ safely to enjoy a very welcome mug of cocoa thanks to Bhageera & Rikki.


I am sure that she will not mind me mentioning this, but one parent helper from last night emailed me this morning “Hi. just wanted to say how well behaved my group was yesterday , it seemed the whole pack were excellent, but my little group was brilliant very polite and did what was asked. You should be so proud of them and I’m sure you are , a real testament to how you and your team run the pack. It was a real pleasure to help“.  It is so encouraging to receive such comments so “thank you” for sharing this.

Paul Masters.  31st January 2018


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