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150505 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs started on thier work for the Air Activities and Staged (Stage 2) Activity Badges.  We played a game whereby the Cubs had to match the names of 12 countries with their flags, Capital Cities, Landmarks and Airline logo’s.  Next we had a lot of fun making three different types of paper aeroplane and then flying them in a competition.  Finally, the cubs talked about their own experiences when flying and whether they enjoyed the experience or not.  One Cub apparently slept all the way through his trip whilst another spent the whole journey being sick! Yuk!


Flying competition results as follows:

1st round – Isabelle (White Six)

2nd round – James B (Blue Six)

3rd round – Ellis (Yellow Six)

4th round – Jenson (Blue Six)

5th round – Shaun (White Six)

6th round – Morton (Orange Six)

Final round – Morton (Orange Six)


Well done to all our potential pilots and especially well done to the six cubs named above who one their rounds and to Morton for being the overall winner.  50 Points were awarded to each of the finalists and a further 50 to Morton for being the Grand Champion.


We hope that you enjoy some of the photographs taken during the evening.


P1230007 P1230008 P1230009 P1230010 P1230011 P1230012 P1230013 P1230014 P1230015 P1230016 P1230017 P1230018 P1230019 P1230021 P1230022 P1230023 P1230024 P1230025 P1230026 P1230027 P1230028 P1230029 P1230030 P1230031 P1230032 P1230033 P1230034 P1230035 P1230036 P1230037 P1230038 P1230039 P1230040 P1230041 P1230042 P1230043 P1230044