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Tonight with the 7th Crawley Scout Troop.
The Scouts were taking part in the Teamwork Challenge testing their sense of smell: The blindfolded smell testing challenge. Peeled onion, nail varnish remover, deodorant spray, a £5 note and a jar of marmite (which you either love or REALLY hate!).
There is a maxim that if you remove one of the five senses from a human, the other four become heightened. Regrettably, this well known scientific principle is totally frustrated when applied to a Scout. Remove one sense from a member of the Troop and they are left with no sense or should that be nonsense! LOL
A great game of indoor hockey rounded of a fun filled evening.
6 new scouts were invested tonight; 5 from our Cub pack and the the other, a sister of another Scout – Welcome to the 7th!
Paul Masters
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