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150623 Cubs

Tonight, in readiness for our Annual camp next month and for the requirements of the Outdoor Challenge/ Our Outdoors Challenge Awards, the Cubs practised putting up some of our Patrol tents…………with mixed results!

Paul Masters 23rd June 2015


P1230613 P1230614 P1230615 P1230616 P1230617 P1230618 P1230619 P1230620 P1230621 P1230622 P1230623 P1230624 P1230625 P1230626 P1230627 P1230628 P1230629 P1230630 P1230631 P1230632 P1230633 P1230634 P1230635 P1230636 P1230637 P1230640 P1230641 P1230642 P1230643 P1230644