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130319 Cubs

As part of the requirements of the Entertainers Badge and Creative Challenge the Cubs invited Bob weddell of the Broadwood Morris Men (who are based in Horsham) to visit and teach us a little of the history and dances of the traditional English Morris. 


Broadwood Morris Men was formed in 1972 and the Club is grateful to the late Captain Broadwood of Lyne for allowing them the privilege of adopting his family name in commemoration of his aunt, Lucy Broadwood who died in 1929.


Lucy lived at Lyne, near Rusper, during the latter half of the 19th century collecting folk music and customs concerning the same regions of Crawley and Horsham throughout which the Broadwood Morris Men now merrily meander.


We were taught how to dance the Shepherd’s Hey.  This is a hand clapping dance, usually performed for 6 dancers.


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