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190115 Cubs

We welcomed Emir to the Pack tonight and hope that he felt at home with his new friends.


Within their “Sixer” groups the Cubs spent the evening discussing two of the following 6 topics in connection with the Fire Safety Activity Badge:


  • Emergency Drills
  • Emergency Escape Plans
  • Smoke & Heat Detectors
  • Dangers in the home and our Scout Headquarters
  • Campfire Safety
  • Firework Safety

We also discussed briefly what to do in case of an emergency whilst at the HQ and the Cubs were given a demonstration on what our  alarm sounds like.  

Congratulations to the following Cubs who were given promotions or awarded badges:

Seconder Stripes –

Daniel E (Yellow Six) & Tom O (Blue Six)

Martial Arts Activity Badge –

Chantelle (Karate) 

Home Safety Activity Badge –

Leon & James T

Road Safety Activity Badge –

Leon & James T

Points to-date:

  • Blue Six – 170
  • Green Six – 50
  • Orange Six – 150
  • Red Six – 310
  • White Six – 50
  • Yellow Six – 70

Paul Masters. 15th January 2019

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