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171010 Cubs

We welcomed Vicki who joined us for the first time tonight; we hope that she will feel very much at home with us.


The Cubs continued to work towards the Emergency Aid (Stage 3) Activity Badge and learnt what to do should someone be suffering from an Asthma attack & Heat Exhaustion.


Congratulations to Holly who was invested tonight into White six, to Scott who attained his 4 year Joining In Badge and to Luke for gaining his 1 year joining in Badge.  Further congratulations to “Mysa”, one of our Young Leaders, who was awarded with her 50 nights away badge.


A good number of points were awarded tonight including for good sportsmanship, inspection (which we will be undertaking most weeks hereafter), for bringing in bottle tops, stamps etc and the completion of homework.


The points totals to-date are as follows:

Blue Six: 760

Green Six: 555

Orange Six: 490

Red Six: 625

White Six: 605

Yellow Six: 535

Paul Masters.  10th October 2017

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