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160618 Cubs

On Saturday, 18th June Crawley District Scouts organised an amazing day for the Cubs of Crawley as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of Cub-Scouts; this Section of the Scouting family having started way back in 1916!


We met at Blacklands Farm, an adventure camp situated just South of East Grinstead and then walked to the Bluebell Railway approximately 4km away.  It having rained for most of the day before, the going was soft to EXTREMELY muddyand everyone had “fun” attempting to get up a hill or should I say a mud slide!  Thankfully the organisers had had the foresight (Scouting: Be Prepared!) to add a rope that we were all able to hang on to (for dear life??).  Then followed a lovely trip (down memory lane for those old enough to remember the age of steam) along the full stretch of the railway, visits to the museum, engine sheds and shop.  We were then treated to some videos on the history of Scouting, inventions over the last 100 years (there are LOADS!) and a short clip on the 100th anniversary.  (We did just about manage some time for lunch in all of this!)


The trip to the Bluebell Railway over, we then made our way back to Blacklands Farm, thankfully not the same way that we came as the muddy hill going down would have been a little interesting if not hair-raising!


There followed a visit from our new mayor of Crawley who cut a specially made anniversary cake which was deliciously enjoyed by all after a bbq and games.


The day concluded with, of course, a camp fire! – A brilliant time was had by all!

Paul Masters – 19th June 2016

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