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151013 Beavers

On October 13 the Beavers in our Colony had a go at fencing – Yvonne, our Beaver Leader explains that this will go towards the Beavers “My Adventure” badge which can also ignite their interest in the sport, and work toward the “activity sport badge”. 


The Beavers were taught more or less the basic principles of fencing such as: 

  • Fencing takes place on a specially marked out strip,  
  • a bout, or fight, consists of two fencers ,
  • in combat, trying to score a set number of hits in order to win.
  • Hits must be made with the point of the foil (sword).
  • The idea is to hit the opponent on the target without being hit.
  • The first fencer to score the required number of hits (usually five) is the winner of the bout.
  • There is a time limit for the fencing in each bout.


A fencing bout is governed by rules which are interpreted by a Referee

  • Never wave the foils (swords) about nor point a weapon at someone who is not wearing a mask.
  • When holding a sword, keep the point down towards the floor.
  • Do not run while holding a weapon by the handle.
  • Always hold it by the point when walking or running.
  • If you need two hands to don your mask put your foil down first.


Text: Yvonne Seetayah/ Edited by Paul Masters

Photographs: Yvonne Seetayah


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