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181204 Cubs

The visit of Red six  to TG has brought to a conclusion the brilliant sessions laid on for us by Matt and his team giving our Cubs a unique opportunity to have a go in a train simulator and get to experience a little of what it is like to have the responsibility of driving a very large and heavy locomotive.

My sincere thanks to Matt & Gavin for their support in giving up their valuable time in order that our Pack could enjoy this rarely accessible activity.

Whilst Red six were busy breaking land speed records and creating general havoc on the railway system the rest of the pack took part in a number of different Christmas craft activities.


Points to-date:

  • Blue Six – 1555
  • Green Six – 1260
  • Orange Six – 1385
  • Red Six – 1560
  • White Six – 1390
  • Yellow Six – 1360

Paul Masters. 5th December 2018

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