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130618 Cubs

Playing games on the field adjacent to our HQ in Furnace Green – Tuesday, 18th June 2013


P1160405 P1160406 P1160407 P1160408 P1160414 P1160417 P1160418 P1160420 P1160421 P1160422 P1160423 P1160424 P1160425 P1160426 P1160427 P1160428 P1160429 P1160430 P1160431 P1160432 P1160434 P1160435 P1160436 P1160437 P1160438 P1160439 P1160440 P1160442 P1160443 P1160445 P1160446 P1160447 P1160448 P1160451 P1160452 P1160453 P1160454 P1160455 P1160456 P1160457 P1160458 P1160459 P1160460 P1160461 P1160462 P1160463 P1160464 P2160415 P2160416 P2160419 P2160433