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150630 Cubs

Tonight the cubs had a great time playing a wide game of cops and robbers at the District Camp Site situated in Pease Pottage.  A beautifully warm evening and 36 very hot cubs!!  See if you can spot the bar (serving soft drinks only, of course) amongst the photographs below?

PCM 30.06.15


P1230645 P1230646 P1230647 P1230648 P1230649 P1230650 P1230651 P1230652 P1230653 P1230654 P1230655 P1230656 P1230657 P1230658 P1230659 P1230660 P1230661 P1230662 P1230663 P1230664 P1230665 P1230666 P1230667 P1230668 P1230669 P1230670 P1230671 P1230672 P1230673 P1230674 P1230675 P1230676 P1230677 P1230678 P1230679 P1230680 P1230681 P1230682 P1230683 P1230684 P1230685 P1230686 P1230687 P1230688 P1230689 P1230690 P1230691 P1230692 P1230693