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160510 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs continued to work towards the Navigator Activity (Stage 2) Badge.  This time we learn how to set a compass and then to use the compass to set a map to Grid North.  We also learnt about the 8 main points of the compass (Never Eat Shredded Wheat!). 



We then had fun programming Bbots using the points of the compass, played a game of North, South, East, West and then swing the rope!



Next week we shall be learning how to prepare for a hike – pass the surgical spirit!

Paul Masters – 10th May 2016


P1250453 P1250451 P1250450 P1250449 P1250486 P1250485 P1250484 P1250476 P1250477 P1250479 P1250480 P1250481 P1250482 P1250483 P1250475 P1250474 P1250473 P1250471 P1250470 P1250469 P1250468 P1250461 P1250462 P1250463 P1250464 P1250465 P1250466 P1250467 P1250455 P1250456 P1250457 P1250458 P1250459 P1250460