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180715 Cubs

Summer Camp –

Final up-date. Home at last! What a camp – an amazing time with 30 amazing Cubs, Young Leaders, Leaders, Parents and supporters.


I am often asked why I volunteer in Scouting. It’s very simple and the same reason that thousands of others volunteer over many hours each week: to work with and nurture the young people in our care and se them mature and grow up into the next generation and one we can all be proud of.

7th Crawley is a great Scout Group and we should all be proud of the contribution we all make to Scouting in our locality.


Apologies to everyone who was following my camp blogs over the weekend with the 7th Crawley (Furnace Green) Cub Pack.


It has been brought to my attention that I omitted to include in my final message what the final scores were for each team of Cubs!

Arun – 4023
Mole – 4151
Ouse – 4377
Rother – 4976


As the Returning Officer for the Borough of Stanford Camp Site I hereby declare that the winners are ……………. ROTHER (oh! You had already guessed! LOL)

Paul Masters.  18th July 2018

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