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140923 Cubs

Tonight the cubs had a taste of ORIENTEERING.  We met at Tilgate Park and enjoyed this fun and challenging activity IN THE DARK!


Another huge “thank you” to Anthony Welch and his family for organising the evening.  Thank you also to the many parents who stopped and helped with marshalling tonight – without your support we would not be able to put on activities such as this for the pack.  33 Cubs started the activity and ………………………….. 33 Cubs finished – Phew!!
A great time was had by all.  I hope that now those cubs who asked me “Why did that man give me a map” know the reason why! It would also help if other cubs had been listening at the start and heard me say that the maps handed out tend to show the area where the orienteering markers will be; so walking around to the other side of the lake which was not on the map was an unnecessary and time consuming activity! LIVE AND LEARN! 
Well done to the 7 cubs who remembered one of the challenges that I set for you last week – to look up and write down what Orienteering is.  50 points to each of you and my thanks for listening to me!
Mr Welch is frantically crunching numbers as we speak and I hope to get the final scores from him soon.  Once they have been received I will pass them on to you via email as well as posting up on this page.
Below are the final scores as recorded by Anthony and some photographs that I took during the evening.
PCM 23.9.14
FINAL POSITIONS:                                                                                                                                                        
Position Six Cubs Time
1 Orange Catherine & Lauren 27 mins
2 Blue George Mc & James B 33 mins
3 Red Dillon & Maxwell 34 mins
4 Yellow Michelle, Isaac & Oliver 39 mins
5 Green Joshua /Max G 40 mins
6 Green Maisie, Joseph F & Alex N 41 mins
7 White Samuel & Joseph H 42 mins
8 Blue Muna & Josh U 44 mins
9 Orange Morton, Adam Wh & Liam 49 mins
10 White Isabel & Lawrence missed 10 to 14
11 Yellow Shiv & Rohan missed 9 to 14
12 White Alex R & James C missed 4 to 6 and 10 to 14
13 Red William & Tommy missed 4 to 6 and 10 to 14
14 Red George A & Adam W/son missed 4 to 8 and 10 to 14
15 Blue Anthony & Owen Lost sheet
Particularly   well done to Lauren and Catherine who went round 6 minutes faster than
the next fastest group.
1)   A number of cubs were ensuring that their map was the right way around.
2)   All cubs made it back to the start/ finish and reported in.  This is   VERY important
especially if you get   yourself very lost like one group did.  They should
be commended for this.
3)   One cub talked about folding his map so they just had the next couple of   points
showing (advanced stuff!)   Note from Akela “Well done Joseph H” 


Position Six Points – Orienteering Points – Akela’s Competition Total
1. Orange 200 100 300
2. Blue 175 50 225
3. Yellow 125 50 175
White 75 100 175
5. Red 150 150
6. Green 100 100





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