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150106 Cubs

Wow! What a night – 40, yes 40 Cubs at the Pack meeting tonight (and there were 4 absentees!) – First one back after the Christmas break – Hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did – Working towards the Disability Awareness Activity badge (1 of 3).
Started off with a game of “Akela’s Keys” where one cub sits in the middle of the circle blindfolded with a set of keys in front of them. Stealthily (although these are Cubs we are talking about! lol) so NOISILY (!) another cub has to creep from where they are sitting to grab the keys before being heard and pointed to by the key keeper – lots of fun and a lesson learned; that when one sense is taken away (i.e. sight) another is normally heightened (i.e. hearing).

Then we had a discussion in our groups on the best practice on how to approach a deaf or blind person. We also learnt how to sign “hello”.
Finally another game – “blind obstacles”. In their teams the cubs pair up. One of the pair is blindfolded; the other then has to call instructions to the blindfolded cub to get them thorough an obstacle course – some interesting methods were adopted – some more successful than others! lol As I said, a great evening and I hope each of the young people enjoyed themselves especially the 5 new Beavers who came up to the Pack for the first time tonight.
Well done everyone! and THANK YOU!
p.s Also a BIG “thank you” to “I” who baked me a cookie – I was particularly impressed with the Akela/ Wolf head motif on the top – pity I couldn’t wait to eat it though – hence only half appears in the picture! lol
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