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We finished our work towards the Photography Activity Badge with the Cubs completing their Town Guides to a very high standard.  WELL DONE everyone!


In preparation for the St. George’s Day parade, the Cubs then decorated and made some dragon shields.  This was an amazing activity and the Pack took to it with gusto!  Some really artistic and thoughtful work.


The Cubs also enjoyed a game of Stinger!


We welcomed James into the Pack tonight as he was invested and made his promise in front of us all.  


Congratulations to the following Cubs who received badges:


  • Disability Awareness Badge – Daniel E
  • Hikes Away 5 Badge – Daniel E
  • Joining In – Leon (3)
  • Home Safety Badge – Finn, Holly
  • Martial Arts Badge – Caitlin
  • Animal Lovers Badge – Bethany
  • Book Readers Badge – Caitlin



  • Blue – 598
  • Green – 596
  • Orange – 443
  • Red – 742
  • White – 624
  • Yellow – 560


Congratulations therefore to RED six who are now entitled to wear the Top Six Medals during the Summer Term.  Well done to you all.


A “WELL DONE” and “THANK YOU” also to Hathi who I had the pleasure of presenting to him his 5th Year Leadership Award.  Thank you from everyone for your service and dedication to the Pack.


Finally, with much sadness, we had to say “goodbye” to Finlay as he leaves the Pack.  Finlay was sixer of Blue six and was an integral part of the older Cubs forum.  Our thanks to him and Emily and David his parents for their support and contribution to our Group.

Paul Masters.  27th March 2018 


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