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140624 Cubs

Tonight, as part of the Community Challenge Award the Pack visited the Noor Mosque in Langley Drive, Langley Green where we were made most welcome by Ahsan and others who worship there.


The evenng started off with a tour of the mosque which is a converted Pentecostal church and then we enjoyed presentations from a group of young people followed by a quiz led by Ahsan and his daughter, Noor.  The Cubs managed to answer all the questions posed to them and scored lots of points!  The Cubs also managed to ask many interesting and searching questions!  We were then treated to some lovely refreshments that were soon polished off by the hungry cubs! 


Our thanks to Ahsan and his team for a brilliant evening – “Thank you”.


Akela wrote an email thanking Ahsan for his hospitality and received a reply from him “Hi Paul……….there was an excellent atmosphere and all the …….. cubs were exemplary in their behaviour so credit to you and your team” – WELL DONE 7TH CRAWLEY CUBS!

PCM. 25.06.14


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