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171107 Cubs

The Cubs started the work towards the Scientist Activity Badge.


The Pack was divided up into four groups and undertook two of the following activities.  These will repeated in two weeks time so that everyone who attends both nights will have completed all four of the bases:



P1290303 P1290304 P1290307 P1290308 P1290311 P1290312 P1290313 P1290314 P1290315 P1290316 P1290317 P1290318 P1290319 P1290320 P1290321 P1290323 P1290325 P1290326 P1290327 P1290328 P1290329 P1290330 P1290331 P1290332 P1290333 P1290334 P1290335 P1290336 P1290337 P1290338 P1290339 P1290340 P1290341 P1290342 P1290343 P1290344 P1290345 P1290346 P1290347 P1290348 P1290349 P1290351 P1290353 P1290354 P1290355 P1290356 P1290357 P1290358 P1290359 P1290360 P1290361 P1290362 P1290363 P1290364 P1290365 P1290366 P1290367 P1290368 P1290369 P1290370 P1290371 P1290372 P1290373 P1290374 P1290375 P1290376 P1290377 P1290378 P1290379 P1290380 P1290381 P1290382 P1290383 P1290384 P1290385 P1290386 P1290387 P1290388 P1290389 P1290390 P1290391 P1290392 P1290393 P1290394 P1290395 P1290396 P1290397 P1290398 P1290399 P1290400 P1290401 P1290402 P1290403 P1290404 P1290405 P1290406 P1290407 P1290408 P1290409 P1290410 P1290411 P1290412 P1290413 P1290414 P1290415 P1290416 P1290417 P1290418 P1290419 P1290420 P1290421 P1290422 P1290423 P1290424 P1290425 P1290426 P1290427 P1290428 P1290429 P1290430 P1290431 P1290432 P1290433 P1290434 P1290435 P1290436 P1290437 P1290438 P1290439 P1290440 P1290441