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141209 Cubs

Penultimate Cub meeting tonight before the Christmas break. Christmas crafts; thanks to Jill¬†(Raksha) for making a return appearance for the night and also Evelyn Tolman (both of whom have agreed to come back next week as well!) and the rest of the crew. – “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …………”


P1220020 P1220021 P1220022 P1220023 P1220024 P1220025 P1220026 P1220033 P1220032 P1220031 P1220030 P1220029 P1220028 P1220027 P1220034 P1220036 P1220037 P1220038 P1220039 P1220040 P1220041 P1220042 P1220052 P1220055 P1220043 P1220045 P1220056 P1220057 P1220046 P1220047 P1220058 P1220061 P1220062 P1220050 P1220049 P1220063 P1220064 P1220065 P1220066 P1220067 P1220068 P1220074