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Diary – Autumn Term

We shall be starting the new term on Tuesday, 9th September  when we shall be welcoming a group of new members to the Pack.  In  the next few weeks will be saying “goodbye” to others who are moving on or up to our Scout Troop.  We wish them all well.


Please find below the pack diary for the following term.  This term will see us undertaking the following badges:


  • Creative Challenge Award
  • Scientist Activity Badge
  • Astronomy Activity Badge


You will see that I have deferred the premier viewing of the camp DVD until Tuesday, 30th September.  Everyone is welcome to this evening.  If take up is sufficient I will also make available copies of the DVD  at a cost of £5. Proceeds of the sale of the discs will again go to my charity “KAANA”.


In order that your child can fully complete these badges it is sometimes necessary to ask them to undertake work at home.  “Homework” will be set on 21st October (an experiment to work on for the period over half term) and 4th November (information to collect in relation to the Astronomy Badge).  I would be grateful if you would encourage your son/ daughter to complete this work.  There is no time scale to get the work back to me but the sooner it is returned (or in the case of the experiment; photographic evidence!) the quicker the requirements of the badge will be completed – Many thanks.


There are some activities for which we need parental help in order that the activity can take place.

Please let me know (preferably by email and a soon as possible) if you can help us out – Thank you in anticipation.


  • Tuesday 16th September – Pond Dipping (Furnace Green Meadow)
  • Tuesday 23rd September – Orienteering (Tilgate Park)
  • Tuesday 2nd December – Night Hike


Would you kindly note that we shall continue to hold an inspection most weeks.  We shall be checking for full/ clean uniform/ clean shoes/ basic first aid kit (this can be “home-made”: including 2 or 3 plasters, clean handkerchief, 3 x 20p, a pencil or pen and a sheet of paper)/ water bottle.  Points will be awarded/ deducted accordingly.


Each week, as with previous terms, there will be a “duty six” assigned.  The programme (by the date on the left) on the next page shows which colour six has been assigned to which meeting nights.  The sixer of that six will be responsible for leading the Grand Howl at the start and end of each meeting and each member of the six will be given a little task to perform that will take no more than 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the meeting (helping to guide cubs to their parents, packing away the sixer boxes, resetting the Union Flag etc).  Points will be awarded accordingly.


We shall be attending Church Parade on the following Sundays at St. Andrew’s:


  • 5th October
  • 9th November
  • 7th December


Unless otherwise stated please ensure that the Cubs are wearing full uniform to all activities please.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Contacts: 418319/


Here’s to another great term!  Regards

Akela & the Team



AUTUMN TERM PROGRAMME 2014 (Issued August 2014)




Tuesday,   9thYellow   Six Welcome   new membersGames   Evening 7th   Crawley HQ 
Tuesday,   16thBlue   Six Pond   Dipping – Furnace Green Meadows(Scientist   Badge – B/3)       Please bring nets etc 7th   Crawley HQParental   help appreciated
Tuesday,   23rd Orienteering   – Tilgate Park(Creative   Challenge – 9) Tilgate   ParkParental   help appreciated
Tuesday,   30thGreen   Six Camp   Video Premier – all welcome!Investiture   of new members 7th   Crawley HQ 



Sunday,   5th         Church   Parade – St. Andrew’s – from 10.30amALL   WELCOME St.   Andrew’s ChurchFurnace   Green
Tuesday,   7thRed   Six Kite   Making (Creative Challenge – 4)Henry   Smith presentation 7th   Crawley HQ 
Tuesday,   14thOrange   Six Experiments   1 [Bases]Scientist   Badge (Part A & B8) 7th   Crawley HQ 
Tuesday, 21stWhite Six Experiments   2 [Bases]Scientist   Badge (Part A continued) + HW (B7) 7th   Crawley HQ 
Tuesday,   28th  HALF   TERM – NO MEETING  



Tuesday,   4thYellow   Six Astronomy   1 of 2 (Astronomy Badge 3,5 & 6 – TB)+   HW (4) 7th   Crawley HQ 
Sunday, 9th         Church Parade – St. Andrew’s – from   10.30amALL WELCOME St. Andrew’s ChurchFurnace Green
Tuesday,   11thBlue   Six Astronomy   2 of 2 (Astronomy Badge 1 & 2 – AW)  7th   Crawley HQ 
Tuesday,   18thGreen   Six B   Bots Challenge [Tracking](Creative   Challenge – 9) 7th   Crawley HQ
Tuesday,   25thRed   Six Mini   Pioneering Challenge (Creative Challenge – 8) 7th   Crawley HQ



Tuesday,   2nd  Night   Hike Tilgate   Park
Sunday, 7th         Church Parade – St. Andrew’s – from   10.30amALL WELCOME St. Andrew’s ChurchFurnace Green
Tuesday,   9thOrange   Six Christmas   Crafts  7th   Crawley HQ
Tuesday,   16thWhite   Six Christmas   Crafts  7th   Crawley HQ



Tuesday,   13thYellow   Six