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151117 Cubs

Tonight the Pack spent the evening finishing off the work for the Road Safety Activity badge with discussions on the different types of pedestrian crossing, their uses and pros (and cons) of each together with a further discussion on how to behave (properly) as a passenger in a car i.e. BELT UP! ………………… sorry, I mean “Put your seat belt on, please”! etc.



A whole host of Home Safety and Road Safety badges were given out together with year stars, Hikes Away badges and other bits and pieces.  We also invested Charlotte and Euen.



If your cub missed last week there is a Road traffic sign quiz that I have compiled and can be found on the Group web site with some photographs taken during the evening.



Games tonight included “Simon’s Says” and the one game that I know where the Leaders CAN hit the Cubs and not get into trouble for it! – Ask the Cubs what I mean by this! – Actually, it is a game that I played when I was in Cubs.  I will always remember though when Akela asked one of the other leaders to get out the (foam) baseball bat from the store room and the wooden one was used (by mistake? – I hope so anyway!) – OUCH!!

Paul Masters


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