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180622 AGM

Whether you attended our Annual Gathering last night as a Beaver, Cub, Scout,  Explorer, Young Leader, Slightly older Leader, Mature Leader,  Rather older leader, Helper, Parent, Supporter and/ or Friend (I think I’ve just about covered everybody!) a huge 7th Crawley ‘thank you’ and ‘Bravo’ (a Scouting thank you!) you do us and yourselves proud!


It was a very successful and enjoyable evening (certainly from my point of view) and just enforces what i have always believed with this Scout Group and, as i said during the formal part of the evening, that collectively and as a family we, all of us, make a winning team.


Thank you not only for your amazing support to everyone at 7th Crawley but also, on this occasion, to our four young District friends who will be attending the World Scout Jamboree next year in The States.  Everyone on the night was very generous in buying raffle tickets with all proceeds going to help raise the necessary funds for get them there.  I had hoped, by now, to have been able to announce just how much had been raised. Clearly it was such a good amount that they are still counting! 


For those of you who didn’t get an opportunity to pick up one of our Annual Reports or if you didn’t make it for whatever reason (and thank you to those who forwarded their apologies) I have attached a copy of all the documents that were available.


Thank you again.  You have made me, yet again, a very proud Group Scout Leader, sharing ALL the successes of our Group together.  Upwards and onwards and as it says below ……………….. “We prepare young people with skills for life”

Paul Masters.  23rd June 2018

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