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190305 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs continued to work towards the DIY (Do It Yourself) Activity Badge.


Half the Pack (Red, White & Yellow sixes) spent the evening measuring and cutting a strip of wood and small pieces of dowel and then sticking the dowel onto the wood as a starting point to making a lego style key holder.

The remaining sixes (Blue, Green & Orange) spent their time talking about the different types of wood that are available for DIY projects, how to handle tools safely and how to properly look after them and finally had a go at designing their own version of a keyholder.


My thanks, again, to Mike who volunteered to help tonight which was really appreciated.  


Congratulations to:

  • Gethin who was awarded Scout Mate badges for introducing his father into my Group team as a Cub Sectional Assistant.
  • Caitlin who was awarded an Entertainers & Physical Recreation badge.
  • Nathan for receiving a four year Joining In badge.


Points to-date: Each week the Cubs will be able to earn points for their six.  This can be by winning games, being helpful, attending church parade, bringing in stamps, coins and milk bottle tops (we collect these for charity) or for being the first six ready (and quiet) for an activity.

  • Blue Six – 1035
  • Green Six – 640
  • Orange Six – 450
  • Red Six – 850
  • White Six – 735
  • Yellow Six – 440

Paul Masters, 5th March 2019

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