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141216 Cubs

Our second week of Christmas crafts with different activities from those offered last week.   One Cub described this meeting as “the best night ever” so I guess we are getting it right! Another Cub, who was invested tonight, remarked that he enjoyed being a cub because of the Leaders; this really made our night!  My thanks to all of the leader team, Group Executive and parents but above all the Cubs themselves for another brilliant year at 7th.   P1220119 P1220116 P1220115 P1220114 P1220112 P1220111 P1220104 P1220106 P1220107 P1220105 P1220095 P1220096 P1220097 P1220100 P1220108 P1220101 P1220109 P1220110 P1220102 P1220103 P1220093 P1220094 P1220091 P1220090 P1220089 P1220088 P1220081 P1220082 P1220083 P1220084 P1220085 P1220086 P1220087 P1220080 P1220079 P1220078 P1220077 P1220076 P1220075