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120925 Group

Group Faith Award – 1. St. Andrew’s Church


On Tuesday 25th September 60+ members of the Group (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and supporters) visited St. Andrew’s Church in Furnace Green and enjoyed a warm welcome from the Vicar, Richard Poole.


Richard gave a brief explanation of what Christianity is.  He also described how various items in the church (the Font, table, lectern etc) play a part within the services.  He showed us how Christians take communion at the Altar Rail using the chalice (for holding the wine) and the Ciboriam (for holding wafers or bread).  He then dressed one of the cubs in his robe, girdle (like a belt) and stole introducing him as the new Vicar of St. Andrew’s(!?) and asked him to bless the Group.


Richard finished the evening by answering questions and closing in prayer.


Please visit the Church website at if you would like to find out more about times of services and church life at St. Andrew’s