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150324 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs completed their second (and thankfully, I heard them cry, the last) of their Fitness Challenge regimes.  Over the Easter break they have been set some work on healthy eating and exercise and then their work, on this badge at least, is done! hurrah! 


Looking forward to the Summer programme, details of which were emailed to parents last night.


In the meantime – “Happy Easter!”

PCM 15.03.24


P1220805 P1220806 P1220807 P1220808 P1220809 P1220810 P1220811 P1220812 P1220813 P1220814 P1220815 P1220816 P1220817 P1220818 P1220819 P1220820 P1220821 P1220822 P1220823 P1220824 P1220825 P1220826 P1220827 P1220828 P1220829 P1220830 P1220831 P1220832 P1220833 P1220834 P1220835 P1220836 P1220837 P1220838 P1220839 P1220840 P1220841 P1220842 P1220843 P1220844 P1220845 P1220846 P1220847 P1220848 P1220849 P1220850 P1220851 P1220852 P1220853 P1220854 P1220855 P1220856 P1220857 P1220858 P1220860 P1220862 P1220863 P1220864 P1220865 P1220866 P1220867 P1220868 P1220869 P1220870 P1220871 P1220872 P1220873 P1220874 P1220875 P1220876 P1220877 P1220878 P1220879