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Leader Team/ Meet the Leaders (Profiles)


The 7th Crawley Scout Group is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team of leaders all of whom are volunteers, have a current CRB check and the uniformed leaders are First Aid qualified.  Each is responsible, within their Sections, to ensure that:


A broad balanced programme of fun, activities and challenges is provided

Appropriate methods are used to work with the young people in their care

Helping the young people in the Scout Group to develop and mature in line with the Purpose of the Scout Association

The needs of all young members is met

Scouting is promoted within the wider community


All leaders give up a great deal of their ‘spare’ time to Scouting and ensuring that the young people within the Group have a thoroughly good time. They do not get paid or receive any other kind of remuneration.


Adults who hold a warranted appointment (those authorised by the Scout Association to hold a key position of responsibility) are required to complete a period of continuing adult training. This includes the provision of having an up-to-date first aid certificate.

The person in over-all charge of the Group is the GROUP SCOUT LEADER.  From 1999 until Summer 2012 this Group did not have a person to take on this role. Instead the Cub Scout Leader, Paul Masters, took on this responsibility in addition to the work that he was already doing within his own Section. He was known as the SCOUTER-IN-CHARGE.  However, in 2012 he succesfully completed additional training and took over the role of Group Scout Leader but still retaining his obligations to run the cub pack as well.


The Group is divided up into Sections. These are the BEAVER COLONY run by the BEAVER LEADER; the CUB PACK run by the CUB LEADER (Akela) and the SCOUT TROOP run by the SCOUT LEADER. Within each Section there are ASSISTANT LEADERS, HELPERS and YOUNG LEADERS to help in the running of a Section night.