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160617 AGM

On Friday, 17th June the Group gathered for its Annual General meeting and Group social event and to celebrate our 50th anniversary.


Despite the rather inclement weather the turnout was amazing with almost 140 in attendance.  A huge “thank you” to our members, supporters and friends who made the evening an almighty success!


Great entertainment from the Beaver Colony and Cub Pack both taking, as their theme, the history of Scouting and portraying 30 years of Beavers, 100 years of Cubs and our own 50th birthday.  We then had some very interesting slides from our resident Scout Leader whose Great Grandfather met BP!


It was also a special time for me as I was presented with a certificate to mark 30 years of volunteering with the Scout Association. I am now officially “old”!


Thank you to the catering teams outside with the bbq and inside in the kitchen, our own resident cake maker, those involved “front of house” particularly with the two raffles that were run and everyone else who contributed to making the night what it was.


Finally, a HUGE “thank you” to my team of volunteers on the Group Executive and Leaders, all of our friends in the furnace Green community and beyond, to the parents and, most importantly, the young people in the Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop.  I am immensely proud to be a small part of 7th and the real difference that we can make to the youth of today and the adults of tomorrow – Thank you!


Paul Masters – 19th June 2016

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