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New Programme – Beavers

Programme Themes

A team from Headquarters consulted over 12,000 Volunteers and young people, and they all said how much they love going Outdoors and having adventures! As such 50% of the programme should be outdoor and adventure focused. Climb a Tree, Build a Fire, Pitch a Tent or play a wide-game…the updated Beaver programme will offer young people lots of opportunities to go outdoors, learn new skills and have a lot of fun with their friends. The new Challenge, Activity and Staged Activity Badges are brimming with Outdoor Adventures for Beavers, ready to go! World and Skills make up the other two programme themes and again there are updated badges on these areas to support their delivery in the programme.


Chief Scout’s Award

Chief Scouts Bronze

When Headquarters consulted Leaders and Beaver Scouts, they all talked about how important the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is. This is the big one – the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the highest award in the Beaver Scout section. It might seem like a lot to do, but when we tested it with Leaders and Beavers, they loved it.

The new requirements for the award are.

1. Complete all the challenge awards. They are:

  • My World Challenge Award
  • My Skills Challenge Award
  • My Outdoors Challenge Award
  • My Adventure Challenge Award
  • Teamwork Challenge Award
  • Personal Challenge Award

2. Do any four activity badges or staged activity badges.


Chief Scout’s Bronze Award


Challenge Awards

Adventure Challenge Outdoors Skills World personal teamwork

There are so many new things to try and do when you’re a Beaver. Challenge awards give the chance to not only have fun, but to ‘grow’ as a person. The new challenge awards are My Adventure, My Outdoors, My Skills, My World, Teamwork and the Personal Challenge. The challenge awards are the heart of the Beaver Programme, and through them Beavers work towards the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. The Teamwork and the Personal Challenge are brand new and now available for members to achieve and gain recognition for the activities they undertake.


Beaver Challenge Awards


Activity Badges

sports space disability gardenercollect photo camp cook

Activity badges are a great way to try something new and then get better at it. We have added some exciting Activity Badges to the Beaver Programme such as Cook, Global Issues and International. Put up a tent for the new Camp Craft Badge and get to grips with a camera for the new Photography Badge.


Beaver Activity Badges


Activity Plus

New in the Programme, Beavers can now go the extra mile for an Activity Badge and get the Activity Plus! Beavers can get this award by holding the chosen Activity Badge, then agreeing a target with their leader before going for the extra award.

Activity Plus Activity Badge



Staged Activity Badges

air community cit maker emmergency hikers music nauti navigation nights paddle sailing swim time

There are now 14 Staged Activity Badges for Beavers to achieve. Staged activity badges give young people the chance to try something new or get better at something they already know. Beavers can choose the right stage that matches their skills, rather than age. Beaver Scouts can do Stage 1 or Stage 2, or jump ahead to other stages if they are ready. With staged activity badges, Beavers get to try the same challenges as Cubs, Scouts and Explorers!

Staged Activity Badges


Youth Involvement

Young people across all ages should have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that their Section and Group is run. This is to ensure that Scouting meets their needs and remains relevant to their interests, and to meet our vision towards 2018. Youth involvement includes young people doing the following:

  • sharing their ideas
  • learning from and teaching each other and adults
  • taking part in decision making
  • assisting with planning the programme, including activities and camps
  • becoming more involved in all aspects of Scouting

Youth involvement will also help leaders to keep their section growing and interested. We don’t know what the needs and interests of young people are until we ask them, and improving youth involvement will give leaders more opportunities to find out what young people actually want.