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181002 Cubs

Tonight the Cubs were in two separate venues.

Blue Six had another fantastic opportunity to have a go in a million pound full size train simulator albeit with varied success!  It would be great to be able to report that no persons or animals were hurt during the train journeys BUT two cows, a deer and a couple of cars will never be the same again!

The remaining Sixes, Green, Red, Orange, White and Yellow were at our Headquarters and worked either towards the Road Safety or Home Safety Activity badges.  The Cubs also enjoyed games of “swing the rope” and “crab football”.

Each week the Cubs will be able to earn points for their six.  This can be by winning games, being helpful, attending church parade, bringing in stamps, coins and milk bottle tops (we collect these for charity) or for being the first six ready (and quiet) for an activity.

Points were awarded tonight as above and the totals to-date are as follows:

  • Blue Six – 200
  • Green Six – 200
  • Orange Six – 200
  • Red Six – 350
  • White Six – 150
  • Yellow Six – 250

Paul Masters.  3rd October 2018



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