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151215 Cubs

Another festive fun packed and enjoyable evening with the Pack taking part in more Christmas crafts – In the immortal words of Slade “IT’S CHRISTMAS!”  (well, almost!!).  On behalf of the Leader Team may I wish everyone a very Happy Chirtmas – see you in 2016 – Tuesday, 5th January.


P1250021 P1250022 P1250023 P1250024 P1250025 P1250026 P1250027 P1250028 P1250029 P1250030 P1250031 P1250032 P1250033 P1250034 P1250035 P1250036 P1250037 P1250038 P1250039 P1250040 P1250042 P1250043 P1250044 P1250046 P1250047 P1250048 P1250049 P1250050 P1250051 P1250052 P1250053 P1250054 P1250055 P1250056 P1250057 P1250058