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130512 Cubs

A few of us had an opportunity of taking part in both Archery and Rifle Shooting at Stanfords CampSite, Peaspottage on Sunday, 12th May.


Akela set us the challenge of trying to hit a small balloon in the centre of the archery target and if we managed to burst it then we would get 100 points for our six.  As you can see from the photographs below five of us managed to score a bull.  Akela didn’t manage to do this though.  He told us this was because his target kept moving; we didn’t see any wheels on the Archery Butt though!!  Better luck next time Akela!


P1160099 P1160100 P1160101 P1160102 P1160103 P1160104 P1160105 P1160106 P1160107 P1160108 P1160109 P1160110 P1160111 P1160112 P1160113 P1160114 P1160115 P1160116 P1160117 P1160118 P1160119 P1160120 P1160121 P1160122 P1160123 P1160124 P1160125 P1160126 P1160127 P1160128 P1160129