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160524 Cubs

Tonights activity concluded the work that we have been doing for the Navigator (stage 2) Staged Activity badge and I will be presenting badges, to those cubs who have completed all of the requirements for this award, on our return after the half term break.


I hope that the cubs, as they walked around the town centre answering questions and clues that were set for them, learnt a little bit more about the place where we live.


My grateful thanks to the parents and grandparent who helped tonight.  Thank you to Paul, Matt, Chris, Tony, Ben and Janine as well as to my regular team for making the activity possible.


The results:

Six Hike Questions (30) Hike Photographs (12) Hike Bonus Questions (4) Total Placing Points
BLUE 26 12 0 38 4th 150
GREEN 28 12 4 (8) 48 1st 300
ORANGE 25.5 10 4 (8) 43.5 3rd 200
RED 30 12 3(6) 48 1st 300
WHITE 20 9 4 (8) 37 5th 100
YELLOW 24 4 4 (8) 36 6th 50

Paul Masters – 25th May 2016


P1250543 P1250544 P1250545 P1250546 P1250547 P1250548 P1250549 P1250550 P1250551 P1250552 P1250553 P1250554 P1250556 P1250557 P1250558 P1250559 P1250560 P1250561 P1250562 P1250563 P1250564 P1250565 P1250566 P1250567 P1250568 P1250569 P1250570 P1250571 P1250572 P1250573 P1250574 P1250575 P1250577 P1250578 P1250579 P1250580 P1250581 P1250582 P1250583 P1250584 P1250585 P1250586 P1250587 P1250588 P1250590 P1250591 P1250592 P1250593 P1250594 P1250595 P1250596 P1250597 P1250598 P1250599 P1250600 P1250601 P1250602 P1250604 P1250605 P1250606 P1250607 P1250608 P1250609 P1250610 P1250611 P1250612 P1250613 P1250614 P1250615 P1250616 P1250617 P1250618 P1250619 P1250621 P1250622 P1250623 P1250624 P1250625 P1250626 P1250627 P1250628 P1250629 P1250630 P1250631 P1250632 P1250633 P1250634