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131001 Cubs

Tonight, 31 members of the Pack enjoyed a night hike from Tilgate Park back to our HQ in Furnace Green.  We had a lot of fun but apologies to the fishermen at Tilgate Lake who we might have disturbed (just a little bit?) with our rendition of “I had a bird” – thank you Peter!


Congratulations to the following who have gained the:
Hikes Away 10 – George A (from last week); Kit W
Hikes Away 5 – James C; Kathryn C; Josh M; George M; Shiv; Anthony P; Dylan P; William P; Lilly T; Adam W
Hikes Away 1 – Lewis H-S; Louis P (from last week); James B; Rohan F; Yozio D
Seconder Stripes – Max G (Blue Six); Ethan O (Green Six); Lilly T (Orange Six); Michelle O (Red Six); George A (White Six) & Ben K****t (Yellow Six)
Sixer Stripe – Koji S (Blue Six); Harry C (Green Six); Ben K**p (Orange Six); Mitchel S (Red Six); Dylan P (White Six) & Vinnie S (Yellow Six)
Senior Sixer Stripe – Peter & Kit
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