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Tilgate Beavers put in some hard work in their garden

By Crawley News  |  Posted: May 18, 2015
A COLONY of Beavers have planted seeds at their garden in Tilgate – ready to reap the rewards come the summer.

Despite high winds, the 7th Crawley Beavers were hard at work on Tuesday, May 5 at their public garden on the corner of Winchester Road and Durham Close.

The group, based in Furnace Green, tidied the patch and put in new compost, donated by the council.

The Beavers also planted French beans, garden peas, zinnias, sweet peas and onions.

Ben said: “I like caring for the patch, especially if it is a plant that produces fruit then we can eat them after they have grown fully and they are really tasty.”

Daniel added: “I like to look after the plants because caterpillars and snails might eat the plants otherwise and therefore we would not have any plants or flowers growing if we didn’t look after it.”

And Evan has a special trick for helping plants grow. Asked what he had done to help the plants flourish he said: “I talked to them, watered them and gave them special food. I would also like to be a gardener when I am older.”


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