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151103 Cubs

An “interesting” evening finishing off the work on the home Safety badge but with a craft link/ twist.  The Cubs made a border out of hamma beads (little plastic hollow beads which, when ironed, stick together) for an Emergency Number list.

Next week we will glue the border to the list and stick a magnet on the back so that you will have useful and emergency numbers “at your finger tips” …………………… well, at least on the fridge door!

Now anyone who knows me is aware that craft work is not on the top of my agenda.  In fact it doesn’t even reach my top 100! so tonight craft work with hamma beads, 35 boisterous cubs and ……………………….. A POWER CUT was just what was needed for a fun filled meeting!  It must have been divine intervention that made me decide to undertake the requirements of the Home Safety badge over the last few weeks as we had only recently talked about what to do in a power cut; stand/ sit still until you have your bearings etc – The Cubs were brilliant to a man (or boy/ girl) and stayed (reasonably) quiet and (pretty) sensible whilst torches were found until power, and normal scouting service, was restored with a game of indoor hockey!

Paul Masters

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