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180206 Cubs

Everyone had a great time at the Pyjama Party!  There were four zones and each group of cubs had an opportunity of visiting each in turn:


  • Story Corner (parachute) zone
  • Game zone
  • Skills zone
  • Refreshment zone


We finished off with a traditional (albeit indoor!) camp fire and camp fire songs.  Fond memories of last year’s camp and a taster for our more recent joiners who have yet to come along to a weekend under canvas.  Please see my email regarding some information on this year’s camp.



  • Blue – 244
  • Green – 346
  • Orange – 143
  • Red – 142
  • White – 374
  • Yellow – 140

Paul Masters.  6th February 2018



P1290750 P1290751 P1290752 P1290753 P1290754 P1290755 P1290756 P1290757 P1290758 P1290764 P1290763 P1290762 P1290761 P1290760 P1290759 P1290765 P1290766 P1290767 P1290768 P1290769 P1290770 P1290776 P1290775 P1290774 P1290773 P1290772 P1290771 P1290777 P1290783 P1290784 P1290778 P1290779 P1290785 P1290786 P1290780 P1290781 P1290787 P1290788 P1290782 P1290794 P1290793 P1290792 P1290791 P1290790 P1290789 P1290795 P1290796 P1290797 P1290798 P1290799 P1290800 P1290806 P1290805 P1290804 P1290803 P1290802 P1290801 P1290807 P1290808 P1290809 P1290810 P1290811 P1290812 P1290822 P1290821 P1290820 P1290815 P1290814 P1290813 P1290823 P1290824 P1290825 P1290826 P1290827 P1290828 P1290834 P1290833 P1290832 P1290831 P1290830 P1290829 P1290835 P1290836 P1290837 P1290838 P1290839 P1290840 P1290846 P1290845 P1290843 P1290842 P1290841 P1290847 P1290853 P1290854 P1290848 P1290849 P1290855 P1290856 P1290850 P1290851 P1290857 P1290858 P1290852