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Tonight the Pack continued with the requirements of the Global Issues badge by discussing the issue of “Homelessness”.  We were joined by Charlie Aratoon, the director of “Open House”. 


“Open House” is a local charity that was formed in 1995 and is currently based in Three Bridges.  The charity cares for adults suffering from the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination or social exclusion.  Charlie explained the work that is undertaken by the charity and the fact that it is very much relient on donations and support from the Community.  The Cubs were delighted to be able to offer some donations of food. 


For further details on the work of this important charity please visit their web site at or click on Crawley Open House Information to read more……………


The Cubs also enjoyed playing “Boulders” and “Charity Logo relay” which continued on the “Global Issues” theme of the evening. 


We also welcomed Evan to the Pack as he made his promise and joined us at 7th.

Paul Masters.  23.11.2016

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