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180109 Cubs

We welcomed Ben & Kathryn to the Pack.  Both of our new friends have moved up from our Beaver Colony and we hope that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves this evening.


Tonight the Cubs started to work towards the first of four badges that we will be tackling during the term: the Home Help Activity Badge.  Our goal this evening was to learn how electricity works, what fuses are used for and what types are commonly seen in a household (3, 5 & 13 amp) , what the three different coloured wires are for (Blue – Neutral, Brown – Live, Green/ yellow – Earth).  We also learnt how to decide which wires should go where in a plug (blue to the left and brown to the right) and then finally each of the cubs had a go at wiring a plug.


One Cub who was struggling at the start was heard to remark “I don’t know why we’re doing this, my Mum and Dad would get an Electrician in”!!  Thanks to Mr Penfold, a professional Electrician, for his help tonight.  Perhaps I should give Mr Penfold’s telephone number to the parents of the Cub who made those comments ?!?!?


A HUGE “thank you” to Tracey Davis as well who, at the end of our meeting, volunteered to take all of the 36 plugs (in various states of completion) home to remove the wiring and put the plugs back into their original state.  A massive job, and I have to admit, one I was not looking forward to tackling! THANKYOU Tracey!


The cubs also enjoyed a game of crab football.


Congratulations to the following Cubs:

  • Evan & Scott – Promoted to Senior Sixers
  • Bethanie & Leo – Promoted to Sixers
  • Aadi & Thomas P – Promoted to Seconders


My apologies to other Cubs who have recently achieved their Scientist badges: I ran out of time tonight and didn’t get an opportunity to present the badges this evening.  I shall try better next week!


Points tonight are fewer than usual, primarily because we didn’t have enough time to have an inspection.  we will, almost certainly, have one next week so be warned!!

Blue Six: 50

Green Six: 100

Orange Six: 0

Red Six: 50

White Six: 50

Yellow Six: 50

Paul Masters. 9th January 2018


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